One of our core beliefs is that through our own financial strength we can all achieve Security, Freedom and Joy.

Security as a result from the knowledge that our own and our loved ones financial futures are assured. The financial Freedom to live our lives, to give and improve the world around us. And Joy as result of the act of giving.

Meet our Team

At Platinum our goal is to bring you investing peace of mind by creating a clear and personal path to a successful and rewarding financial future.

Our mission is to cut through all the “noise” surrounding the investment world and help you focus on what’s important...your money and your purpose for it! We are passionate about helping you reach an understanding of where you are invested and more importantly why.

One of our building blocks for achieving this goal is through educating you on a simple, time proven formula engineered to capture market returns while at the same time managing risk.

At Platinum we would propose that a pursuit of wealth can and should be the philanthropic pursuit of bringing joy, and love to others.